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Boards & Commissions

Beautification Commission                 

PLANT FLOWERS WITH PROJECT BLOOMThanks to all of our loyal sponsors who have donated money year after year to beautify our downtown area and City park!  Donations are tax deductible and go through the City of Grosse Pointe Foundation.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! Project Bloom planted the flower beds at Neff Park on May 18, 2019.  Persevering through rainy downpours, Project Bloom managed to plant flowers in the various flower beds and pots in The Village on May 30-31, 2019.  Many thanks to Project Bloom members and volunteer residents who participated in these community events.  Thank you for the generous donation of your time and effort!  

Now that the gardens and beds are planted, maintenance and weeding is next.  If you are interested in either sponsoring a garden or helping to dead head flowers or weed, please contact Susan Budrys at  suebudrys@gmail.com or 882-9816, or Susan Hartz at susanhartz@att.net or 886-8982.

Thank you for another beautiful season in the City!  


Beautification Awards 2019  Award Ceremony - October 2, 2019 at 7:00 pm - Collaborative Meeting Area on 2nd Floor, Kercheval Place

List of Winning Homes - click here Look for the Blooming Beautiful signs around the City!

The City of Grosse Pointe Beautification Commission was established in 1990 and was re-established by resolution in 2003.  The Grosse Pointe Beautification Commission's purpose and goal is to plant flowers, maintain planting beds, and recommend appropriate plant materials for planting areas on City property and right-of-ways.  Also, the Beautification Commission will select and present the yearly awards for beautification of private and commercial property, and may be called upon to make recommendations to the City Council regarding landscape design within the City of Grosse Pointe.

Project Bloom is also part of the Beautification Commission.  This sponsor a garden project runs as an all volunteer group who plant flowers and maintain planting areas at Neff Park and in The Village.  Project Bloom is always looking for volunteers to join in their mission to keep the City looking gorgeous.  

Beautification Award Winners are announced in September. The Awards Ceremony is set for late September/early October.

Members are Susan Budrys and Susan Hartz, Co-Chairpersons, Kate Apple, Mary Carey, Jane Davies, Regina Gersch, Beth Harvener, Kathy Long, Mary Scrace, Derek Stratelak and Susan Szmigiel. 

Urban Forestry Commission

The goal of this new citizen advisory body is to enhance the management of the City's trees on it's right of way and other City owned property.

Urban Forestry Master Plan              Tree Brochure

Members are Rick Whitney Chairperson, Sheila Tomkowiak City Council Liaison, Derek Stratelak City Beautification Commission Liaison, Alaine Bush, Brian Colter, Pete Dame, Dave Draper, Larry Saylor, and Jeffrey Swantek.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee was established to consider, inform and suggest to City Council possible ideas regarding parks and recreation facilities and programs.

Members are Dr. Bill Quinlan, Chairperson, Dr. Bill Brownscombe, Ged Duffield, Tony Smihal, Thomas Enders, and Council Representatives John Stempfle and Sheila Tomkowiak.    

City of Grosse Pointe Foundation - Click here for more information                                                                                                                                    

 Employees Retirement System - Board of Trustees

The Grosse Pointe Employee Retirement System is a defined benefit pension plan created and maintained pursuant to Part B, Section 64-105 of the Charter of the City of Grosse Pointe, amended in 1994; now Section 56, Article II, Grosse Pointe Code of Ordinances.

Board of Trustees are Michael Bernard, Chair (citizen member), Council Representatives Andrew Turnbull and Christopher Walsh, John Alcorn (public safety member representative), Brian Kress (general member representative), Kimberly Kleinow, Finance Director and System Administrator for the Board, and Julie Arthurs, City Clerk and Secretary to the Board.

Election Commission

The Election Commission shall appoint an election inspector board and designate a chairman in each precinct for every election conducted in the City.  The City Clerk shall have charge of all other activities and duties relating to the conduct of elections in the City.

Members are the City Clerk, City Treasurer and City Attorney.